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It would be great if we could have a "notes" column here so that we can record the purpose for which these vouchers were set up, the names and contact details of the recipients, activation and expiry dates etc. This would save a lot of time looking up diary entries, emails and booking records on Beds24. Automation of activation and expiry dates would be a logical but less urgent extension. As we sometimes offer an extra night on a forward booking (in addition to the minimum stay period) as compensation when things don't go to plan (theirs or ours), it would be nice to have this as an option in the "Type" column.
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Thank you for your suggestion. We have taken an note of it.
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To set up discount codes they have now made a help page:
For me quite difficult to understand, but maybe someone else already works with it?

Guests are cancelling because of COVID. If they cancel lastminute and have already paid, I have the following policy:
They can get a voucher with the value of 50% excluded OTA commissions. How do I set this up within the current system?
Can someone give me a more easy instruction, I dont understand the steps mentioned in the help page.
It is very technical.
Hope to hear,

I guess is not doing anything for the hoteliers? Right?
They only want to make it very easy for us to waive fees but then hoteliers are fully without any income during this times.
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So my question is: how do I make a code that the guests can insert with the 50% booking value of the cancelled booking, without commissions?
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One of the demos should be set up to show how the vouchers work from the customer side. That would help a bit.

Also, this would be a good topic for an instructional how-to video. The instructions are complicated. I had to read through them a number of times before I understood it.
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We have setup a new wiki page with options to allow guests to create new bookings, ... e_Bookings

Option 1 and 2 - Guests have made a payment on the original booking and you are happy to honor the payment for a future booking.

You to use the Original Booking id as the 'Voucher Code' for the new booking, this will utilise the 'Group' booking function in Beds24 to link the original booking and new booking.

Option 3, you can setup a Special Booking Page with special rates, you can send the URL for this booking page to those guests via an Auto Action.
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We have just released the option to enter "One Time Use Voucher Codes" vouchers. You can add them in Settings > Booking Engine > Voucher Codes.

If you want to create a large number of vouchers you can prepare them in Excel and then copy and paste them.

Our plan is to add more rules to them shortly. Check the "News" module on the Dashboard for updates.
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