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I am centralizing all my listing and channel management within beds24. It is great, however i find picture management not very user friendly. Would it be possible to improve picture management?

1) be able to do batch modfification (exemapl deleting a batch of pictures, changing caption, etc)
2) be able to change order of pictures in a more vizual way like moving the picture on the screen (someting like airbnb site)
3) remove number of pictures limitation. Having to deal with external storage for the picture is not easy.
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HEllo everyone,

i also would like to suggest a better visualization, i mean when i open pictures lists i have a list of bleached little pictures which are very difficult to recognize (my view is not so good anymore... ;) )
so could be helpful bigger and filtered per room (offer/multiproperty) pictures (i have a property with 20 apartments, of which 11 completly different... i would like not to see pictures of all of them (included property and offer and multiproperty ones) when i work just on one of them, so need a fitler

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Is this something you would adresse?

Updating and managing pictures is so complicated.

We need to be able to do mass updates, sorting etc. Managing pictures o f properties with ultiple rom is very difficiult. If you hav any change to do in the future, it i shard to recognize whicj picture is for which rooms, making modficiation delating etc tale a lot of time too.
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We have given the Beds24 control panel a refresh which is now available for open beta testing.

In the first step we have made a visual upgrade to the look and improved the navigation. Going forward we are planning to exchange several existing pages with new ones which will have better usability and mobile functionality.
How to access the new control panel
When you go to SETTINGS->ACCOUNT ->PREFERENCES you will see a new setting „Control Panel“ in SETTINGS->ACCOUNT ->PREFERENCES. Set to „New Control Panel“ to change.  

For sub accounts you can set if they see the old (default) the new or if they can choose themselves. In the new control panel click on the „User Icon“ -> „Account Management „ (or SUB ACCOUNT in the old control panel) to adjust if you want your sub accounts to have the new control panel or allow them to choose.

What has changed?
  • Better mobile navigation
  • Navigation on the left  is collapsible. It opens via the settings icon on the left
  • New "Messages" menu for API messages
  • New "User" menu which is accessible via the user icon in the top right corner
  • Sub accounts was renamed to "Account Management"
  • Price checker is now on every page
  • The context help opens via the ? icon on the right
  • All support functions are centralized under "Support"
  • "Guests" menu was moved to "Bookings"
Possible issues
Custom CSS for the control panel will need updating. We recommend you comment it out or remove it. If you want to add custom CSS specifically for the new control panel you can do this by targeting the class .controlpanel3
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any news on improved picture management, Still very difficult and inefficient to manage, sort, delete and manage pictures.
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It is on our roadplan. We wll post news, once it´s done.

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