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Just a quick feature that, well would suit me, I don´t know for how many others.

A new ´Rate Strategy´ option

We currently have available;

Do not allow lower prices or shorter stays
Do not allow any other rates

It would be good to have an extra option of ´DO NOT ALLOW ANY OTHER RATES - EXCEPT GAP FILL´

My setup

I have a ´low season rate´which the dates run for 12 months - set to strategy ´default´ I prefer not to split these by date as the volume of rates become too many due to all the high rates periods we have.

I then have many ´high rates´throughout the year, for bank holidays etc (we are in Spain so there are many) with these rates set to Do not allow any other rates. However, these high rates have minimum stays which sometimes result in gaps and me needing gap fill.

Hence it would be useful for me to be able to allow Gap Fill to overide these.
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We recommend you make your highest rate always available and override it with lower rates or use the multiplier in the CALENDAR if you want to sell for less. If you do it this way you will not have a problem with the gap filler to apply when you set it.
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