In API at least mirror booking.coms api

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It would be desired to at least mirror the information that is available on booking.coms api.

Suggest to add to beds24 api the ability to read reviews and ratings supplied by
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Beds24 integrates with most of Booking.coms APIs.

Via Beds24 you can:
  • Export prices, availability and rules
  • Import bookings, modifications to bookings and cancellations - importing modifications or cancellations can be disabled for individual bookings.
  • Create rate plans on
  • Create and update properties and rooms on Booking
  • Import properties/listings from as a new property into Beds24
  • Report invalid cards and no-shows to from the "Details" tab of the booking.
  • Create and manage promotions
  • View reviews and react to reviews via a dashboard module
For more detialed information please look here:
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