How do my customer make payment ?

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Is provide a payment link/button once user/customer make order ?
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dreamroof wrote:Is provide a payment link/button once user/customer make order ?
You can use the booking rules to set a deposit payment made by the guest to your Paypal account at the time of booking.
The value of the deposit can be part or 100% of the booking value.

You can set two different deposit levels which allow you to collect different deposits for different types of bookings.
For example you may want 100% deposit for last minute or high season bookings but perhaps a smaller deposit payment for other bookings.
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I am using jimdo as host for the website, embedded widgets for room reservation. At this point, we cannot take any payments. The Paypal option simply does not show up on the secure payment page, or anywhere in the checkout screen. I tried on each widget option, I updated the IPN in Paypal settings ( a hundred times), did the PAGE DESIGN -> BEHAVIOUR and set Open in New Window to On secure payment for iframe as well, nothing changes! I checked with Paypal, and they seem to think the problem is at your end. I kept trying a hundred times, following the instructions precisely. Please help!!!
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You are overriding your property booking type (deposit collection). Please correct your settings for "Booking Type" in

- in your rates

to be either "Default" or "Deposit Collection"
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