Bug when creating new reservation from Guests tab

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When creating the new reservation from the list of guests by clicking on the small suitcase icon there is a problem.
For some reason the new reservation is always starts with the same property and if it happens that I really want the reservation for that property everything works good.
But when I change the property to some other I get the message "No price Found" and I can not select the number of persons.
I think this is a bug.
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The warning "No Price Found" shows when you do not have a price for the selected room/date in the other property. This might indicate something is wrong with your price set up.

You can still add the booking. This is what you need to do:

1. Enter a price in the field "Room Price".
2. Use the selector to set if the price applies for the whole stay or per night.
3. Press "Continue". Do NOT use the button "Recalculate Room Price using Rate Rules" because this will only work when you have valid prices for the selection.
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Well that is not true. I think you should check it out. I think it is a bug in your system.

When I try to add the reservation from the "Calendar" tab by clicking on a suitcase icon I can make the reservation without any problems.
When I try to make the reservation for a old guest from the "Guest tab" by clicking on the suitcase icon I can do it just for one of my apartments with out showing the "No price Found" error.
If I select another apartment that I want than I get automatically the error. Also I can not choose the number of persons - there is only 0 persons available.
Although the apartment and the dates are the same as when I choose them from "Calendar" tab.

So making the reservation from the "Calendar tab" works fine and from the "Guest tab" it doesn't work at all.

Please check it out.
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Yes you are right, it was a bug. It is fixed now.

The price only showed after changing the room selector but if you only have one room type this was not possible.
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