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At least when using the Spanish interface, the new reservation wizard exits when changing the room type, without having done anything else. It is pretty annoying not having it available, as it seems useful.

The interface and booking engine in Spanish are very poorly translated, if translated at all. Not only it feels unnatural, but the most severe mistakes can mislead the user into choosing an undesired option, hence causing undesired behaviour.

Since I am a new user, I don't know how trustworthy and responsive are admins/staff here. If it were worth the investment in the long term I could translate them myself during my spare time, admins would only have to give me the existing english to spanish .po/.pot files for the booking engine and admin panel.

I expect it to take around 2 weeks and just for the most important stuff.
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The Spanish translation of the control panel was never properly finished and it would be great if you want to help fix it up, I will contact you by email to continue.

Anyone prepared to help us fix problems in any of the language translations please get in touch, preferably via the support ticket system.
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