Stripe problem - urgent help!

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I really really hope someone can help me. Beds24 have told me that it's a self service system so they can't help, and Stripe haev told me it's an issues with Beds24:

I have recently set up here and on Stripe.

I charged a card from a booking that came next week (and have now left)

It shows on Beds24 as having been charged. Beds24 have confirmed that the Stripe connection works fine, and have said the payment has gone through.

However, it is not showing on my Stripe account. I don't understand what has happened and now people are refusing to help me. I'm really at my wits' end. Can anyone at all advise on what I can do from here?

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Beds24 have told me that it's a self service system so they can't help
This must be a misunderstanding. We do offer support via our ticket support system and we did answer your ticket.

We checked your Stripe connection and it all looks fine.

Let me repeat what Mark wrote:
When a charge is made, you will see a booking info item added to the booking like this for booking 18618796:

STRIPEPAYMENT Stripe Payment 252, ch_1HEcXjBJ9XDdAovS1uhz5IY2

The ch number (ch_1HEcXjBJ9XDdAovS1uhz5IY2) is the Stripe charge ID

If you log into Stripe and search for ch_1HEcXjBJ9XDdAovS1uhz5IY2 you should see the charge.
If you do not see this you might be logged into the wrong Stripe account.
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