Daily Reconciliation

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Hello there,
I am looking to create a custom report to check the daily financial discrepancies between the charges and the payment.

what would it be the best way to achieve this?

Many thanks in advance
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When you go to Reports > Custom Reports you can setup a custom report to shows you the required information.

Let me give you an example to show all bookings with a positive or negative invoice balance so that you can identify the discrepancy.

Lets check all bookings made between 1 June and 29 June 2020.

Check In From = Any Date
Check In To = Any Date
Check Out From = Any Date
Check Out To = Any Date

Booking Date From = 1 June 2020
Booking Date To = 29 June 2020

Invoice Balance = Not Zero

Now drag and drop from the "Available Columns" into the "Show Columns".

-Booking Ref
-Invoice Payment Value
-Invoice Charges Value
-Invoice Balance Value

This should generate a report for you to see the discrepancies.

Best Regards,

Iuri Rosa
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