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3d secure payment with stripe how to?

Posted: Wed Jun 03, 2020 5:27 pm

i want to incease security of my payments, in particular for payment from booking and VRBO where i receive a credit card. I read in the stripe help form beds24 there is a SCA and 3D secure payment system with stripe. If i well understand, it require the customer to provide a unique code to approve the payment.
I wonder how to implement this for booking.

I receive a reservation from booking, but i charge the payment later.

Should I send a payment request or card collection request to make sure the customer will have his credit card secured and using the SCA process? How to check if a SCA check has been performed or not from stripe?

Any help would be appreciated as we have many fraud from booking clients

Re: 3d secure payment with stripe how to?

Posted: Thu Jun 04, 2020 8:16 am
by lesleywoermeijer
When SCA is activated, then the owner of the credit card needs to be present to confirm the payment.

It will have no effect on off session cards (card not present) like those sent from OTA's.

At the moment it is still unclear how OTA's are going to manage this. We have heard that some OTA's are considering processing cards as MOTO transactions which are out of scope for the new European regulations but possibly less likely to be successfully processed.

If you require 3DS2 authentication you should consider sending a 3DS2 enabled payment request to guests after they book and perhaps not even bother collecting a card at booking time via the OTA.

You can use an Auto Action to send a payment request to the guest that directs them to STRIPE so they can make the payment. This should reduce the likelyhood of any payment disputes. You need to discuss the check process with STRIPE as they are managing the 3DS2 authentication.