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Set up an apartment with 3 rooms

Posted: Fri Feb 07, 2020 9:23 pm
by sas.mgbh

I will soon have to set up an apartment with two bedrooms plus a folding sofa, for a total capacity of 6 persons ( 3 x 2 ).

I am only interested in listing via OTAs (mainly, Airbnb, Abritel...) for now, so not via my own website.

I of course want to charge per room occupied. I.e: two persons sharing the same bed in one room will pay less than two persons having each their own room.

When a room is booked, the other should not be bookable (I don't want unrelated guests to share the apartment).

How would you go to set up this per-room pricing for OTAs?

Best regards

Re: Set up an apartment with 3 rooms

Posted: Sat Feb 08, 2020 1:29 pm
by annettemorgenroth
First of all you will need to set up dependencies so the room close. Have a look here: ... as_a_suite how to set this up.

We do not recommend to sell all rooms at channels like which allow guests to book more than one room within a booking. If you are connecting one physical room more than once to a booking channel you are risking overbookings.

Airbnb and Abritel (Homeaway) support occupancy based prices via their XML connection. With Per Occupancy Pricing a price for each occupancy defined in Beds24 and prices for different length of stay can be sent.

You will need a price for each occupancy you want to send. Have a look here: ... sed_Prices

For you need at the moment a rate code for each occupancy you want to send prices for. You can set them up in SETTINGS->CHANNEL MANAGER-BOOKING.COM -> MANAGE RATE PLANS. After you have set them up you can map them to the corresponding daily prices/rates. Alternatively you can ask if they can set up derived prices for you where they calculate the prices for the different occupancies from one prices sent from Beds24.

Please also see the channels help pages for further information.