set up properties with 2 identical aprtments

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I have a propery of 6 apartments. 2 of them are identical.I currently created 2 sperate rooms.

I wonder how room type is working if i would have created one room type with 2 units? How can i differencite the 2 physical units in beds 24 (unit 1 and 2) that have different lock codes and information?

Or should i keep my curren troom set up and create a virtual room, that will connected to the 2 physical rooms?
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If both apartments are identical than yes i would recommend you to setup one room type with 2 units, you can identify units under Settings > Properties > Rooms > Setup.

Additional information about each unit can be added on the same line after the name and accessed via template variables.
Please use the context help (?) after the "Unit Names" setting for more information.

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Iuri Rosa
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