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Hello everybody,

I have a recent trial account in beds24. I have confgured my property which is already exist in AirBnb.
I have manually created a Booking test with my own email.
When I click to send, the mail associated to Booking Confirmation Message , nothing happen.
I don't receive confirmation message, I tried with 2 mails witout success.

In the help,, they suggest Mailgun service and SPF Record.
I have no idea about how to do.
Can you help me, please ?

Thank you very much.

Bests regards
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It really depends on what email service you are using, every service has its own way of connecting to external services.

on most you need a "App Password" this is a special password generated by your email service exclusively to use in external apps.
Some email providers also need you to "Allow Less Secure Apps" this is required for the email to work.

Please do a Google search for this keywords "App Password" and "Allow Less secure apps" in combination with your email provider.

Best Regards,

Iuri Rosa
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