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Hi All!

I have added some vertical photos (portrait layout photos) with my horizontal photos (landscape layout) for my room pictures on my responsive booking page. I am currently using layout 3.

One problem I am having is when I am on the booking page and viewing through the different photos for a room, after viewing a vertical photo and then viewing a horizontal, there is a large white gap between the photo/room description and availability calendar strip. See below in screenshot to see an example of the large white gap.

Is there a setting to remove this white gap when viewing between vertical and horizontal photos? If not, should I downsize my vertical photo to have the same height as the horizontal picture's height? Or should I completely avoid from using vertical photos for my room pictures?

Thank you!

Below photo: the white gap when viewing between vertical and horizontal photos.
beds24 white gap.jpg
beds24 white gap.jpg (67.48 KiB) Viewed 815 times
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It is best to keep the aspect ratio of the pictures the same if you can
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