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Hello there,

I'm Rod and new to the forum, been using beds24 since beginning of this year, best thing i've done in the last 3 years, made life so much easier.

I have setup a number of goals for our website, and I am tracking these goals in analytics. At the moment we have an adwords campaign on.

We can track traffic till it gets to the booking page, I've set each booking page as a goal. I already copied the analytics tracking code in the header as indicated by beds24 and that works as far as the booking pages are concerned.

Now I want to be able to track actual bookings without actually creating a landing page to redirect bookers to. I would like to opt for the script method described below.
After I paste this script in the head section of the booking confirmation page, what else is required in Google analytics? ... _Ecommerce

I generated the actual conversion tracking script from Adwords however in its guide it says that the Conversion Tracking code should be inserted in the body of the Conversion Page. How do I get access to this?
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