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Updateing booking engine

Posted: Wed Apr 17, 2024 3:34 pm
by zagrebpoint
I have a comment and few questions regarding the Booking page engine.

I was trying to find examples of other people using the Beds24 booking page. I wanted to see how it works for them and how it looks.
I discovered that many users who shared their page on the beds24 Forum are no longer using it. Some of them are using other competitors' solutions.
Even on your official site, three are reviews from beds24 users and one of them is now using your competitor webREZ Pro booking engine. (Maybe you should remove that review - it is a bed advertisement.)

Are you considering making your booking page better?
Is it intended to work a stand-alone site?
I find it pretty good, but the problem is visual appeal. All the sites I saw, even your examples, don't look like sites where you would be confident to make the booking.
I would say the problem is with the design. Functionality is ok.
I know some stuff can be adjusted with CSS but why not make it look good by default?
Are you considering updating the booking engine site? It is almost 7-9 years from the last major update.
Maybe creating modules for photo gallery - where you can see more photos on a page. It is faster to get the idea of a property. and Airbnb are having this.
Maybe adding a review module where we could show reviews from Airbnb or from our own site.
And maybe fixing issues with the picture slider. - It changes the size depending on the format of the photos.