Availability calendars not showing in mobile version of site

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Hi - I've followed all instructions regarding widgets - gotten rid of all the old code and redone the mobile availability calendars (http://www.huckleberrycottage.ca/mobile ... calendars/).

They appear in the desktop version of the site, but on mobile devices all that shows can be seen via this screen shot: http://snag.gy/q8Z3K.jpg - no calendar. Just an empty white box.

If I navigate in mobile mode to the main availability page (http://www.huckleberrycottage.ca/availability/) here's what the user sees: http://snag.gy/qtaJn.jpg
No availability calendars, One booking request form, second booking request form broken.

Here's a screen shot of the code on the mobility availability page: http://snag.gy/HW3VJ.jpg

What am I doing wrong?

Site is newest version of wordpress, and I want to load the calendars in the main page content area, not sidebars.
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I had a look at your site in mobile view and the calendars appered, have you got this sorted?

One thing to be careful with regarding wordpress is to make sure the wordpress text editor does not mangle the scripts which create the calendar, if the editor adds any formatting to the scripts they will break.
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