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Cache not clearing on widgetized content

Posted: Thu Sep 05, 2013 6:55 pm
by huckleberry
Hi. I'm working on a mobile-version page on our wordpress site for the availability calendars. I've gone to widgets > Properties > and generated widget code for each of the two room calendars, and copy/pasted the code into the text editor in wordpress.

When I look at the page ... calendars/ on a desktop running the latest version of Chrome, I see

Cottage availability
(grey box with appropriate shading for booked & open)
no check availability button

Carriage House Availability
(grey box with appropriate shading for booked & open)
check availability button

down on far right completely duplicated versions aligning right but with different colours set for booked and open.

On a mobile device (iPhone OS6) I get

Cottage availability
2 'check availability buttons'
no boxes showing availability.

I'm losing a ton of time on this - how do I show a plain page to mobiles and tablets that shows the availability calendars, or at the very least a link to see them on the site?

Laurie for Huckleberry Cottage
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Re: Cache not clearing on widgetized content

Posted: Mon Sep 09, 2013 8:35 pm
by markkinchin
I took a look at your page and can see the two calendars at the right hand side are in the sidebar while the two at the left are in the main content.
I also see the left two are room calendars and the right two are property calendars but as each property has one room they are effectively the same but this explains the different colour settings..

What I don't understand is exactly what you are trying to do, why do you have two sets of two calendars on the page?
If you want to hide the calendars in the mobile view you just need to place them in a part of the page that is not visible to mobile devices.

Re: Cache not clearing on widgetized content

Posted: Mon Sep 09, 2013 10:58 pm
by huckleberry
We want to show a page to mobile devices that has the two calendars showing, one after the other, with no duplicates. One calendar is for the 'cottage' room, and the other one is for the 'carriage house' room.

I don't have two sets of calendars on the page, that's what I was saying... I just have the two and yet the page is showing four, and I have no idea where the bottom right content is coming from - it is NOT in the visual or text editor.