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somn'en bulle
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Hello :)
For about two weeks my guest receive in there confirmation message BOTH the "Additional Message for Automatic no Deposit Bookings" and the "Additional Message for Deposit Payment 1 Bookings" when they should only receive the deposit 1 version.
It used to work fine the 10th and it started to send the double message the 19th.
I did not change anything between these date :/
This is also the case on my other property.
I took time to notice because i don't always check these automatic emails but i asked a copy to see at the begining how it looked like.
If i go on the simulator only the correct part is displayed.
Any idea on how to fix that ?
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Can you please send a support ticket via the SUPPORT button in the top left of your Beds24 control panel in which you give us a booking number for which this happens so we can check?
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