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Customization of a WordPress plug-in to get nice and modern design

Posted: Sun Dec 23, 2018 6:55 pm
by zagrebpoint
I am looking into using a WordPress plugin from Beds24.
Does anyone know how customizable is the plugin?
Honestly, I do not like how it looks on Beds24 example page. It looks like it is created by developers without any designers, so I am wondering is it possible to change it drastically.

Have anyone try to change the looks of it or implement just some parts in a custom made design? Do you know any web pages where I can see different implementations of Beds24 WordPress plug-in?
I would like to find some good examples of modern and user-friendly pages that use Beds24.

Re: Customization of a WordPress plug-in to get nice and modern design

Posted: Mon Dec 24, 2018 10:12 am
by annettemorgenroth
There are not special widgets or booking page for Wordpress. The Wordpress pluging will show normal widgest and booking page.

Are you using our latest generation booking widgets and the responsive booking page?

To generate the short code useing the widgest designer go to SETTINGS-BOOKING-PAGE WIDGETS. For instructions please use the context help (? icons) and click on HELP (top right) of the page.

The booking page is fully customisable. The latest layout is layout 7. The booking page is fully customiseble and you can even apply your own CSS. Have a look here: ... oking_Page for further inforamation.

Re: Customization of a WordPress plug-in to get nice and modern design

Posted: Mon Dec 24, 2018 6:10 pm
by zagrebpoint
I would just like to explain what I would like to have on my page and maybe you can tell me if it is possible.
I would like to have a page that is similar to the design of Airbnb, HomeAway or something like that.

The problem with Beds24 booking widget is that it is already halfway defined as a portal. Which is ok if you do not want to create your page, (you have already built solution), but if you want to create your page than you do not want to have the same content on two places.
For example:
I want my page to look like this:

The problem is:
1. I can not show the live price on my apartment list.
2. if I use beds24 availability picker then It takes me to the Beds24 multi-property booking page - Away from my site, that is actually the same content that is shown on my home page but with the less attractive design.

Second problem:
1. I have my own property presentation page for each apartment where I show the photos, description amenities, reviews etc...
Then if I use beds24 date picker widget for specific property it takes me again to the beds24 booking page with the same content like on my property page.

That does not make much sense for the guest. And all this just so the guest can see the price. The price is the only information that is missing on my page.

I would like to show the prices on my page and if the guest wants to book then he goes directly to "Beds24 check-out page" where he can enter credit card etc.

I do not know if something like this is possible to do with your widgets?

Why don't you have a simple widget that shows the price?
why the guest has to go always to beds24 booking page to see the price?

Can you create some widget as simple as this one?
1. The guest pics the dates and the price is shown
2. then if he wants to book it, he clicks on the "book now" and goes to "Beds24 check-out page"

My idea would be to create few simple widgets that work together but can be separated (on different locations) on the site.
For example one widget for:
1. pick the dates
2. show the price -only the number and currency
3. show the price details - the same like it is on Beds24 check-out page
4. change of currency
End so on...
You could create numerous small widgets that we could implement in our design.
Then, we would really be able to create our own site with 100% flexibility in design, and full integration with Beds24.

Hope you understand what I mean.

Re: Customization of a WordPress plug-in to get nice and modern design

Posted: Thu Dec 27, 2018 9:33 am
by annettemorgenroth
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