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Every beds24 account has a booking page that shows all properties in the account, including associated properties from other accounts.
This page can be opened directly with a link or it can be embedded in your page with an iframe.
Our demo version of the page is here:

The following settings to control this page are on the PROPERTY >> ADVANCED page in the "Property List Display" section.

1) Sort tags - you can put a list of words separated by comma's here and these will create filters at the top near the date selector.
The guest can use the filters to find matching properties.
You can use any words you like, for example the area name or some facility information.

2) Group - This controls which properties are displayed. For example if you have lots of properties and need to make pages showing a subset of them.
You can enter a word or a list of words separated by comma's (no spaces)

There are two options when opening the page "group" and "nogroup".
Four example if you put the word "downtown" in some of the properties group setting the following page will show only those properties. (make sure to change the ownerid number to your id) ... p=downtown

And the following can be used to hide items, it will show everything that does not have "downtown" in the group setting ... p=downtown

You can use both group and nogroup at the same time to fine tune your pages to show only the exact subset of properties you want.

3) Sell priority - This moves the property to a higher or lower position in the list when the page first opens.
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