Develper issues when using the Beds24 APi.
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Hello All,

I would like to get the data about guests via Integromat and pull these information to Mailchimp. Please, could you help me making this possible?

I would like to subscribe and unsubscribe the hosts according to the data and Integromat seems to be a good solution for sb. without coding experience.

Thanks a lot for help.

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Just in case you missed our news - we have now an integration with Integromat which you can set im in SETTINGS-APPS AND INTEGRATIONS-INTEGROMAT.
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Thank's you very much, this is a great news.
So it doesn't work in my configuration

I think the pb come in my beds24 setting.
> I have created a specific auto action (auto)
> in the integromat option, i select the name of auto action, tick synchronise booking

Next in integromat, the beds24 have a right configuration (verify is ok)
I can see all the variables, but i can't retrieve data.
For the moment, i just connect very simple a google sheet (with add row). And i have no data.

Thank'you for your help
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Make sure that your auto action is set to trigger on some bookings.

You will only see the bookings that meet the auto action trigger conditions at Integromat.
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We also now have an integration with Mailchimp.
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