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Develper issues when using the Beds24 APi.
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We want to make custom search form for multiple properties, similar to the beds24 advanced search function.

May I know which API can be used to get all the data, to download them to our database?

It seems that the best option available right now is the

Because I can get the availability for a whole property in 1 call.

I am looking at
But, it seems that this API can only give me availability for a room.

Thanks in advance

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As a note,

1 of the beds24 account will have 26 properties, with 2 room types, 2 rooms each. This means that I need 52 calls just to get updated availability.

With limited API call, it is difficult to get updated availability and save bookings for all the properties. Is there a way to reduce the number of calls I make?

Also, can I get the data of the advanced search for multiple properties by API? Which API can produce the same XML as the AirBnB XML?

What is the recommended time lapse for getting availabilities and rates?

Thank you for taking the time to answer.
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There is no direct API function like the multiple property booking page advanced search.

You could keep a list of searchable features and the values for each property at your server and filter properties using these.
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