Airbnb messages via Beds24 API

Develper issues when using the Beds24 APi.
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I want to programmatically send messages to guests via the Airbnb Beds24 connexion.

For more context, when a guest books I have an integromat scenario that generates a code for my smartlock, sends the code and instructions via SMS and the airbnb provided « buffer » email adress, but in the end the message does not appear in the airbnb messenger conversation. On, sending an email to the « buffer » adress makes the message appear in the Pulse conversation.

Is there a Beds24 API endpoint to send messages via Airbnb guests throug the Airbnb connection?
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There is instructions in the Airbnb wiki page for sending messages to Airbnb clients via the Airbnb message centre.

Please ensure you use the PLAIN Text box in the Auto Actions for Airbnb messages.
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There is also an API function to read and send messages to Airbnb

See the JSON getMessages and setMessage functions
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