Download CSV from Custom Report (Minor Bug)

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This is just a minor bug, but when downloading a CSV for the Custom Report, there is no file extension specified (the file downloaded is just 'download').

This makes it necessary to rename the file with a csv extension so it is properly opened by the associated programs.

On a related note - a more meaningful filename (based on the custom report and the report dates) might also be desirable instead of 'download'.
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You should have a .csv ending if you click on the csv button. Which browser are you using?
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I've just tested and this occurs using the latest Chrome [Version 61.0.3163.79 (Official Build) (64-bit)]
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In a related type of extension observation (also using Chrome), when you choose Excel as the file type to download your file it creates a .XLT extension which is an Excel Template file type. Then you have to find the file and change the extension or it doesn't open properly.

The excel file also has a generic file name (just "download") and I concur that it would be helpful to have a filename related to the custom report just downloaded.
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Some browsers do not respect the suggested filename and extension.

If this happens, save the file to disk and rename it with the correct extension first. Then open it.
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