Double Booking

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I had an instance yesterday of a double booking, where two bookings came through within a minute of each other, the system allowed the second booking in, overbooking me.

I raised a ticked but was told there's nothing you could do.


I'm assuming that some sort of ACK was sent back for the second booking where it could have been suppressed or something similar. 1 minute isn't really a short space of time and while I was told this was rare, the cost to us, reputationally and fiscally is immense. I have two sets of guests heading to us, unaware that one of them cannot stay with us despite making a valid booking and receiving confirmation. And while it may be rare, there is a possibility and while this is the case, a major risk in our current setup.

Thanks for your help.
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Most channels, even the XML ones do not provide a way for the channel manager to reject a booking once it has begun.

There is not much we can do to prevent 2 people booking the same room and date at two different channels at the same minute.
In our experience this is very rare event but it can and does occasionally happen.
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