Connected to a wrong AirBnB account

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I am trying to connect to AirBnB XML.
I created a new property. Logged out from AirBnB from all other tabs on my web browser.
Then, I logged in as instructed in the help manual, next, I clicked on the view listings.
Somehow, the listings shown are the ones under my Master account's AirBnB account instead of the subaccount's AirBnB account that I logged into.
I am unable to disconnect the listings from subaccount's view listings page, so I can't disconnect from the wrong AirBnB account and connect to the correct account.

Please help...
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It sounds like you have connected your sub account to the same Airbnb account than your master account.

Log into your Airbnb account and go to ACCOUNT SETTINGS->CONNECTED APP and remove the Beds24 app.

You can then reconnect to the correct Airbnb accounts. Please be careful when you connect from Beds24. You need to make sure you are logged into the right Airbnb account because Airbnb will automatically connect you to the one which is open in your broser.

Generally one Beds24 account connects with one Airbnb account, if you manage multiple Airbnb accounts, create sub accounts for each with the respective properties in Beds24.

If you mange multiple Airbnb accounts you a sub account in Beds24 for each additional Airbnb account and need arrange the ownership of your properties in Beds24 according to your Airbnb accounts.

You can create sub accounts under SUB ACCOUNT (top right of the control panel). This is also where you can change the ownership. This help page: explains how to do this.
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