three rooms together or not in Airbnb

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I have three rooms in my house. I would like to announce them in Airbnb separate and 2 and 3 combinated. So I have to do 5 annonces in Airbnb (3x1 room, 1x2 rooms, 1x3 rooms).
I want to do this to get also guests who search for 4 or 6 people.
I also have the bookingpage on my website and I would like to use also other channels.
I will not do xml synchronisation, I already have my Airbnb account. I only want to do ical sync.

How do I configure beds24 ?
all is depending.
I read about roomtypes, I think I have to do this.
If you have a solution let me know
thanks a lot
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Hello Eberhard,

You can use virtual rooms if you want to sell at different constellations. This help page gives you general information on how this works: ... pendencies. At the bottom of this page you will find links to common use cases. From what you describe this is what you want to do: ... a_roomtype
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