How much does the channel manager cost in NZD

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I would like a good rate to have your booking system and your channel manager in NZD please?
We have 4 rooms and have a dozen channels.
Please let us know if there will be any costs for the exchange rate in NZD also?
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The synchroniser for 12 channels and 4 individual rooms costs NZ $29 per month at todays exchange rates.
There is no extra charge for NZ dollar payments but please note our charging is based on US dollars so the NZ price will vary with the actual exchange rate on the day of payment.

If your 4 rooms are all the same type (i.e. all doubles) this would count as 12 channels and 1 room type and cost NZ $13.50 per month.

The exact cost depends on the number of channels and "room types" you use.
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