VRBO connection but without using Stripe

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I would like to sync VRBO / Abritel with my rooms.

I tried the self onboarding procedure (which is bugged on the VRBO side by the way), but I was told I needed to setup stripe or another payment gateway for processing the payments.

I don't want to do additional work for processing payments, I just want Abritel to process payments the way Booking.com and Airbnb do.

I know Stripe setup is supposed to be simple, but the wiki is horrible and I don't understand what steps will happen when I get a booking from a channel with Stripe.
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VRBO will send the credit card details from the guest with the booking. If you have setup Stripe then the details will be automatically sent to Stripe and you can setup Auto Actions to collect the payments from the Guest credit card.

Use this section of the wiki page to setup Stripe :- https://wiki.beds24.com/index.php/Stripe#Setup

There are examples in the Auto Action wiki page with details on how to setup the Auto Actions. https://wiki.beds24.com/index.php/Auto_ ... g_Payments

If you still have difficulty then please send a support ticket so we can check your setup and advise if there are any issues.
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