bookings on airbnb and are unblocked automatically

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All new date blocks and new bookings on airbnb and were cancelled automatically after I synchronized airbnb and booking with beds24. Can you tell me why this happened? What are the solutions to make sure this doesn't happen again? I had to disable the synchronisation because there were double bookings on the same property.
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Please raise a support ticket so we can investigate the issue.
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To add to the previous message - Beds24 never cancels bookings on OTAs. This is not even technically possible.

To send availability the system needs inventory and a price for the guests selection.

If you see dates are unavailable in a channel most likely you no prices or your prices are not activated for the channel or do not meet the channels requirements.

Please check your prices before you send a ticket.

There are two options to set up prices. For more information have a look here:

Also view this page for information prices for channel management: ... g_Channels
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