Only manual sync for Airbnb XML

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I have connected as a trial user and made a payment so that I can connect a property via Airbnb XML.
I have imported the property from Airbnb and set it as Limited Synch.

But the Availability and Pricing will not update unless I go to the
Airbnb XML settings and select the button "Update Airbnb"

Have I missed something? I expected Airbnb to be updated automatically and in near real time ...

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Airbnb will update their displayed calendar multiple times per day.

But Airbnb will check real time availability before accepting a booking.

This ensures that your latest availability will be applied.

Bookings and booking modifications or cancellations will import instantly.

Price changes will be sent with the next update. To immediately push them through click "Update Airbnb".

To send other changes to Airbnb click "Update Airbnb" to push changes in your listing to Airbnb.
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