Price for 1 customer & double price.

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yuliana feri
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I receive two error messages.
one for does not take the price for 1 customer.

= = = = ERROR MESSAGE STARTS = = = =

hotel_ids 2929157 /hotel_ids
rate_ids 10911659 /rate_ids
room_ids 292915716 /room_ids
message Not allowed to update Single Use Rate for Room 'Deluxe Room' (292915716) because Single Use Rate 'ground floor' (10911659) is not activated for this Room, please contact Bookings to activate this Rate Category /message

= = = = ERROR MESSAGE ENDS = = = = =

roomid=114936 - ground floor
propid=49452 - Hotel Bonne Nuit
ownerid=27874 - yuliana Feri

One for hostelworld:
The hostelworld price is double the price set by the beds24 log.
Wed 12 Feb 2020 4 432768 248823.53 IDR log from beds 24
IDR 497647 price from hostelworld

<errors><error roomtypeid="726974" code="1016">Incorrect beds for Private room type</error></errors>


Thank you, cordially,
Yuliana Feri.
yuliana feri
Posts: 23
Joined: Sat Apr 07, 2018 11:00 am

The first bug is resolved it came from :D
the second nothing has changed. :cry:

I can forward the response from hostelworld.
Dear Partner,

Thanks for your information.

We just checked your attachment and we found as below,

The prices on our side are double than what you want to have for the double room and triple than what you want for the triple room.

This normally means that your channel manager not sending the prices per person, but per room, which is incorrect.

So, please remind them that the prices should ALWAYS be sent per person to Hostelworld( once you reach our system, they are multiplied automatically based on room's occupancy and displayed in the extranet per room).


- if the price for the double room is 248823.53, then they should be sending to us 248823.53 / 2 (124411.765).

- if the price for the triple room is 353882.35, then they should be sending the price 353882.35 / 3 (176941.175).

Please contact your channel manager to explain and fix this issue.

Hope this helped.
Kind Regards

Shumin Zhang
I think it will not be possible to work with hostelworld because they are not flexible and I am not ready to sell a room at half price.
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When you go to SETTINGS->CHANNEL MANAGER-HOSTELWORLD and then click on "View Actual Data" you will see the prices we send. If they are not what you want to send please check all prices you have activated for Hostelworld and also double check your private rooms are set up as private rooms and not as dorms.
yuliana feri
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Joined: Sat Apr 07, 2018 11:00 am

The problem was with hostelworld.
the problem has been corrected.
Thank you. :D
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