- adding a 10% non-refundable rate

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Have been going round and round in circles with Beds24 support, so trying another way to find the solution.

I cant be the first person to have needed to set this up?

We have standard rates for all days and each room.
We have WeekDay rates for each room (which will override the standard rates for those days)

We provide an additional rate that is 10% off the Standard/WeekDay rates, in exchange for a non-refundable booking.

The rate is set up on and is visible in Beds24 - it appears in the get codes dropdown list. However it does not display any prices.

Rather than bore you will all the different ways we have tried to set this up only to hit dead ends, would someone be able to tell us WITHOUT REFERRING US TO THE HELP, how to go about setting this up?

Many thanks
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That's not really something you would do in beds24, you need to do it in the extranet.

That way it will show as a special deal and improve your ranking. Your guest will get the choice of whether to use the non-refundable rate or not. In my experience, guests seem to like non-refundable rates.
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Hi Many thanks for responding

We do it across all channels hence the reason for doing it in Beds24 - however we need a working solution for bookingcom not a theoretical one!

I'll do a bespoke one on bookingcom - thanks for the suggestion
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The situation you describe is - indeed - a pretty standard one, so I'm not sure why it's not working for you. The way we have set up this with beds24 (and and other OTA is the following:
  • We set up the standard rate (let's call it "Rate 1") and the non-refundable rate ("Rate 2") on the channel (i.e. by creating those rates and associating the appropriate policy bundles to it
  • We the set up four different rates within beds24.
    The first two are configured as "Offer 1". One of them (let's call it "1Midwk") is valid for Sun-Thu nights, the other one ("1Wkend") is valid for Fri-Sat nights. (you click the days of week allowed below on the Summary tab of the rate dialogue). In that sense the second rate does not "overwrite" the first one, it's just that both rates apply on different weekdays (and can - if need be - still be combined in a single reservation by the guest's choice).
    The second two are configured as "Offer2". (again "2Midwk" and "2Wkend") in a similar fashion.
  • We then link the four rates in beds24 - individually - to the 2 rates created in (and other channels). We do that on the Channels tab of the rate dialogue. Obviously Rate "1Midwk" and "1Wkend" should both be mapped to ( "Rate1" and "2Midwk" and "2Wkend" to ( "Rate2".
We do not use the possibility to "link" one beds24 rate to different offers (on the "Rooms" tab), as we need to map these to two separate rates on the channel. I'm not sure, whether we are making our life more complicated than need be, but this solution works for us.

Also: On a "rate plan" applies to one or more room types, in beds24, a rate is actually applicable to one room type only, but can be "linked" to other room types. We are not using this link neither, as we find it more intuitive to set these rates individually. (We prefer to see: "A Deluxe Room Prepaid on the Weekend is 100", instead of saying "A Deluxe Room Prepaid on the Weekend is the Price of a Standard Room at Standard Rate (which is 80) -10% (because it's Prepaid) +30 (because it's a Deluxe Room)" -- you get the picture. As a result, we have a lot of individual rates and bulk changes to these rates can be a bit troublesome, but I confirm the setup works with and other channels.

There is one additional aspect of this:
The information that a customer booked a "Rate 1" or a "Rate2" on is funneled back into beds24 through the "Rate Description" field. But: the Offer ID of the booking created in beds24 is not automatically set to "Offer 1" and "Offer2" - which in my opinion is a pity, but beds24 has replied to me saying that their "Offers" are actually meant for direct bookings only and that they are unable to trace what the Channels actually do with this information. What we do, is that we use Auto-Rule to assign "Offer x" to the booking in beds24, depending on which text comes back from the channel in the "Rate description" field. In that way, we can clearly distinguish standard and prepaid reservations from each other, and also make sure that cancellation policies are enforced and "prepaid" reservations get collected before arrival in case the channel doesn't take care of that.
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We provide an additional rate that is 10% off the Standard/WeekDay rates, in exchange for a non-refundable booking.
This is a standard situation.

If you want to send refundable and non-refundable prices to you need additional rate codes for your non-refundable prices. You can create additional rate codes in Settings > Channel Manager > > Manage Rate Plans.

After you have created them you map them to your non-refundable rates.

See here: ... _in_Beds24 or click on HELP in Settings > Channel Manager > > Manage Rate Plans for more information.
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