Airbnb - Last Name of guest changed to "Airbnb"

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Ok... this is weird. Every single one of my Airbnb guests has had their last name changed to "Airbnb". This happened today.

What is going on?
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Airbnb have unexpectedly changed their iCal format and are now sending the word "Airbnb" instead of the guest name.

We are trying to find out if this is a glitch or a deliberate change.

If Airbnb restore the guest names to their iCal feed, they will re-import automatically..

The Airbnb XML connection is more reliable than iCal and provides detailed information about bookings. If you can we recommend changing to XML.

You will find more information on how the XML connection works and how to set it up in the help document for the Airbnb XML menu
SETTINGS-> CHANNEL MANAGER -> AIRBNB XML (click on HELP in the top right).
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