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somn'en bulle
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I would like to connect to a website that uses only iCal but they cannot deal with multiples room (as soon as ONE is booked, then the dates get blocked)

But I know that Airbnb works the same way, so i was wondering if i could give them the Airbnb iCal link ?

I know iCal are... sensitive, so tell me if that's just crazy or not :)

(And from what i understood, this type of connection is possible if the iCal only sends a "full" when ALL rooms are booked)

Thanks :)

Edit : The website is "Unicstay" in case you ever had to deal with them
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Our Airbnb iCal connection only works for Airbnb. For other channels please us our generic iCal connections (SETTINGS-CHANNEL MANAGER-ICAL IMPORT / ICAL EXPORT). Refer to the help (click on HELP in the top right of the page) for set up instruction and further information.

If you have room types in Beds24 but individual listings in an OTA you can use virtual rooms as explained here: https://wiki.beds24.com/index.php/Combi ... a_roomtype
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iCal is generally only suitable for a room type with a quantity of one.

i.e. normally iCal is a list of booked or available dates specific to one room.
somn'en bulle
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Thank you for your reply :)

I think i found a solution then, I followed your guide https://wiki.beds24.com/index.php/Combi ... a_roomtype but 'reversed'
I now still have my real room with 4 units in it and a virtual room hidden that need at least one available in the real room to be availaible that will send bookings to the real one(s).

I must say great job, any problem i have as a solution ! I'm sorry i didn't found the solution before asking but, beds24 is so complete that there is SO MUCH documentation !
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