Airbnb XML Overbooking/Double booking

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I had the iCal Import/Export with Airbnb before. Then I got an overbooking/Double booking for a booking which starts around 1 year from now.
Means someone in Airbnb did book my property in November 2019, but in I did have blocked that period.

Result is: Double booked. I am still SuperHost in Airbnb before. If I cancel this booking, I will loose SuperHost state! And if I cancel, I will also have to pay a cancellation fee!

Technical Problem is: Via iCal I can exchange booking from/to Airbnb only for 1 year ahead, but not more....(as the support says)

Then the support told me I shall setup the Airbnb XML connection.

It was terrible difficult to setup that connection, cause the beds24 description. But finally I made it successful!

Now in Airbnb, the calender is only available for 1 year from now on, but after it is blocked. Means for Christmas 2019, Airbnb customers cannot book my property! That is not acceptable at all!
I saw inside the XML document, which beds24 send to Airbnb, that there is an XML Tag: "maxDaysNotice" with a value of 365.
That means beds24 is sending the 365 to Airbnb. And it seems that thats why the Airbnb calender says now, that my property is only bookable for 1 year.

The beds24 Support told me now to switch back to iCal.

Result is: There is no solution for that! Nothing!
It simply means that the beds24 Airbnb XML Connection does NOT work.

Airbnb is my main customer and I cannot accept this situation of course.
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Airbnb XML can now send two years of data, it will send according to the value at the menu

Settings > Channel Manager > Export Data
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