Different Rates for Different Channels

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I want to set a different rate to Booking.com than other channels.
I use daliy prices and also rates. And i have already tried to set up an indivdual daily price just for Booking.com and also a Rate in Rates just for Booking.com but that doesnt work in that for example the room rate is £30 and I want the rate on Booking.com to be £35.
I have tried all options available and please dont tell me to go to WIKI because I already spent nearly 3 hours trying different options on rates and availability using the WIKI page.
Thanks in advance
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You can select which channels each rate and daily price can be used for, simply untick the channel on the prices you don't want to send and make sure it is ticked on the ones you do want to send.

An alternative is to use a multiplier on the channel, this will multiply your normal prices by the specified factor and send this. See the setup help (wiki) for the specific channel for instruction how to apply it.
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