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Anyone using virtual room for AirBnB dorm? We are having problem with the setup:

We have 1 dorm room with 8 beds (booking is per guest), this room is connected to multiple OTAs other than AirBnB
Then we have another room type that is specially for AirBnB. dorm room with 4 beds; the dependencies setting is set to check for 4 availability in the other room. Next, we set it so that bookings from AirBnB are assigned to the dorm room automatically.

The problem:
if AirBnB send a booking of 2 people, it will result in 2*2 bookings in the dorm room
if AirBnB send a booking of 3 people, it will result in 3*3 bookings in the dorm room

Anyone knows where did I set wrongly?

Thanks in advance
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Airbnb does not support dorms which causes issues when you try to sell individual beds in a room. Can you please send us the ID of a booking where you have a problem via a support ticket so we can check if there is a work-around?
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