Google for Vacation Rentals partners with Beds24

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Listing your vacation rentals on Google is a fantastic opportunity to generate commission-free direct bookings.

Vacation rental listings from select OTAs and a handful of Channel Managers - now including Beds24 - appear directly in search results, giving property managers the opportunity to reach the many customers using Google to find and book accommodation every day.

As a special offer Beds24 will waive channel management fees for connecting to Google for Vacation Rentals until November 30th 2021. After this date connections will be charged as normal channel management links

You can connect your properties to Google in SETTINGS >CHANNEL MANAGER >GOOGLE HOTEL ADS.

For more information on Google for Vacation Rentals, how to set it up and on the differences to Google Hotel Ads please see here:
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Looks promising, do you have an expected go-live date for the link with 'Google for vacation rentals' yet?

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We are already live.
eleni mylona
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Hi Roger,

Google for Vacation Rentals are already live. You can enable the connection in (SETTINGS) CHANNEL MANAGER > GOOGLE HOTEL ADS.

Best Regards
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