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We have added a diary function to the calendar view within the control panel.
To add a diary entry click on any day/date displayed on the property name line, for example "Wed 10".
A text area will pop up and your notes will be saved to that property and date.
An icon will appear with the date to indicate there is a diary entry and you can view it by hovering the mouse over the date.
Clicking will allow you to edit the text, to remove it completely simply delete the text and save.
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Hi Mark. This seems like a really cool function. I'd like to suggest a way to make this a little more useful. Could you enhance this functionality to be entered on the calendar per property? - You could then use it as a way to put to-do notes against a specific property that are instantly noticeable when scrolling through the calendar.

It could be used for things like: 12 Feb. Property 1. New sofa being delivered. etc.

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The diary works on a per property basis. Each property has its own dates row where the diary entries can be made.
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Yep, I noticed that. Hence the "New feature" request ;-)
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