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Occupancy pricing makes sending prices for different occupancies to Booking.com easy.
  • If you use daily prices they daily price will send including occupancy. Multiple occupancy prices can send on each rate plan. Extra person price will send.
  • If you use rates 1 person, 2 person and room price will send. Room price will send for specified occupancy. Multiple rates with different occupancies can send on same rate plan. Prices for "Extra Person", "Extra child" and discounts set in the "Discounts" tab of the rate can not be sent.
All you need to do is change the setting for "Booking.com Rate Type" in SETTINGS->CHANNEL MANAGER->BOOKING.COM to "Per Occupancy Pricing". Then click on "View Actual Data" to check which prices will be sent. If this is what you expect press "Update" to push the prices through.

If you already use have multiple rate codes or derived prices to send prices for different occupancies and you are happy with the way this works leave your set up as it is and "Booking.com Rate Type" set to "Per Day Pricing".

For further information please see here: https://wiki.beds24.com/index.php/Booki ... ailability
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