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I have small hotel with 10 rooms in Sweden. Today we use Expedia and booking.com. If we shall add one more OTA, which shall that be?

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agoda. or maybe add to airbnb one room at a time.
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Thanks Barry. We have tried airbnb but with almost no result compared to our own site and booking.com and expedia.

I do not understand the reason to list your property with agoda since they copy all content on booking.com, is there some benefit to register directly with agoda? Is not just an other copy of booking.com?
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I believe that it is good to connect directly with Agoda. They promote direct listings more than listings copied from booking.com. (probably they get better commission than on listings copied from Booking.com)
Do not expect many reservations, but you will get some from time to time.
However, note that you won't be able to contact guests easily like on booking.com. they hide all contact info.
But as you have a hotel and a reception I guess it won't be a big problem.
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Expedia and booking.com are industry giants and it is expected to have majority of bookings through them. AirBNB takes time, I had almost no bookings until i managed to collect some great reviews and got my superhost status. You can also try Homeaway. They have a great network and your listings will be automatically added to couple of more channels. Cheers :)
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