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I am struggling to know if I have completed things correctly as there is no way to "preview" what you have done. I am setting up one cottage for 6 guests so nothing too complicated. I have been through the demos and cannot still find info on the following questions if anyone can please help?
Can anyone help with the following questions on property information set up
1) What's a permit ID and where do I get one from as never heard of it in UK? Do I even need one?
2) What are you meant to write in "general Policy" is this where you put the terms and conditions of booking which is what we call it in the UK maybe? Not sure here....
3) I am not sure what to put in "Property templates"? Any idea what others have put in here?
4) At what point to I actually say by cottage has three bedrooms (1 double, 1 twin and one king size)? is this under "add rooms" or "room types"
5) I dont understand "sell priority" - I have it at 5. Is that right? It was the default but I dont know what I should put. Very confusing

Thank you in advance to anyone who might be able to answer any of these 5 questions.
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Hi Gemma,

Not all items are required for all properties.

1) Permit ID is used by some of the Channels, you will the details the Channel Help page you want to connect to.
2) General Policy, this is where you can set your general conditions for booking, not mandatory.
3) Property template fields can be used for additional information/report, not mandatory
4) Set Features in Properties or Rooms Setup to identify the room setup, as you have 1 cottage it is not necessary to setup individual rooms.
5) Sell Priority is used for your booking page, leave as default (5). You can change the priority when you have multiple properties/rooms to identify the order on the booking page.
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